Genis hf. is a biotechnology company founded in 2005 in Siglufjörður, Iceland. Genis develops, manufactures, markets and sells chitin-based products derived from the North Atlantic shrimp exoskeleton which is a waste of the fishing industry. This means that Genis is turning waste into high added value. All of our production processes are designed to ensure the highest product quality and to deliver greater value to the local society with less input, using resources in a sustainable way while minimizing environmental impact.

Genis’ approach to the nutraceutical market started with the development and commercialization of Benecta®, an innovative natural food supplement composed by active molecules of short chain chitosan purified from shrimp exoskeleton. Genis obtained a purer molecules composition derived from Benecta® to develop the novel food, Simecos™, which will improve quality of life of cancer patients and increase survival time when combined with chemotherapy treatments.